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Passover 2017

April 9th, 2017 · No Comments · General, judaism

As I write every Spring, each year we hold a Passover Seder at our house inviting anywhere from 15-25 people over. It is a very special time for both Ellen and myself.

Since I have never been very good at Hebrew, Ellen has allowed me to adapt the Seder focusing on a theme we agree upon and adding quotes from various sources relating to that theme. The theme typically derives in some fashion from the traditional focus of Passover on freedom. Examples from the past have included being prepared for freedom, what freedom means to each of us, the role of women in the Exodus, and more recently adding some comments about human rights derived from classes I took from the University of Maryland College Park.

This year was a bit more complicated since there seems to be so much contention about well, everything. We decided to focus on tolerance of different opinions, or lack thereof.

We use A Different Night, The Family Participation Haggadah, by Noam Zion and David Dishon as a guide, though we pick and chose which parts to use. This year’s directions (to me) about how the evening will go are here:  Seder 2017.

The quotes are in the following three short Word files: 2017 label quotes 1 2017 label quotes 2 2017 label quotes 3.

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