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Hacksaw Ridge

November 20th, 2016 · No Comments · Entertainment, movies

Ellen and I went to see Hacksaw Ridge last night.

Even Ellen, who dislikes Mel Gibson, who directed the film, intensely, thought it was a very good movie. The story was based on the real story about Desmond Doss, the first conscientious objector to earn the Congressional Medal of Honor. In this case for saving a large number of soldiers under fire during a very terrible attack in the South Pacific; we get to see and hear the real Desmond Doss and some of the people he saved.

The acting was really excellent, the writing helped make all of the major characters believable as people. Andrew Garfield was excellent as Desmond Doss, Hugo Weaving who played his alcoholic and sometimes violent farther suffering from the trauma of his experiences in World War I did a wonderful job. And remarkably Vince Vaughn was very believable as a tough army sergeant.

As you may have read Gibson, who directs war films well, also does them with a great deal of graphic violence. This fact caused me some trepidation since I have become over the years less interested in seeing movie violence. I thought however that really none of it was gratuitous, it was necessary to set the battle situation and show how remarkable Doss’s achievement was. It is understandable why the movie was appealing to Gibson, this is a story of someone who wrestled with his faith which formed the underpinning  of his why he would not carry a gun even under the most terrible battlefield conditions. Worth going to see.

One other thing, of course there were a small number of people around us who insisted on turning on their cell phones periodically during the film. There was a woman in the row in front of me who did it three times, I told her twice to stop. I guess I was lucky my daughters were not with me, they get embarrassed whenever I, or Ellen, tell people to turn off their cell phones.

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