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Stanley Cup Finals

May 31st, 2016 · No Comments · Firefly, hockey, Serenity, sports, tv

As I have mentioned elsewhere, there tends to be two kinds of fans rooting for their favorite team in the playoffs when that team loses.

One type hopes the team they lost to wins the Championship The reason is that a case could be made that their team, their favorite team, which lost to the eventual Champion was very possibly the second best team. With a better draw, if the loss was too early in the playoff sequence, or a little more luck, if in the finals, then their team, their favorite team, might in fact BE the Champions. Except of course they were not.

The second type hopes the team that their favorite team loses to will at some point in the playoffs also lose but in their case in the most painful awful fashion possible. That the fans of the team that beat their favorite team are, regardless of their qualities outside of who they root for which in fact could be quite wonderful, are so diminished as people, for rooting for the team that beat the favorite team, that it is important to restore the overall karmic balance by having those fans suffer along with their team.

That is an introduction to the fact that the Washington Capitals lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins (of all teams not THAT team) and the Penguins are in the Stanley Cup Finals.

So which kind of fan am I?

Let us just say if the Penguins were playing the Winterfell White Walkers and Ramsey Bolton was the White Walkers best player, and even if somehow, mixing TV metaphors, Malcolm Reynolds became the new Captain of the Penguins, I would still be all in hoping  the Penguins lost in double overtime in Game 7, and that instead of a handshake line Ramsey Bolton would flay each of the Penguins players one at a time.

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