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What If Everything Is Wrong

June 21st, 2015 · No Comments · books, General

Well, actually, I am just referring to up and down. Um, that probably does not explain my question well either.

This will take a few steps to explain.

Have you ever had two separate thoughts bang together and cause an unexpected question/result? For me this happens a lot, with pretty useless results I will admit in most cases especially when the two thoughts are not so related.

In this case, I have just started a new audio book, The Universe Within, written by Neil Shubin. The book focuses on how the Earth formed (relating to the births of stars, galaxies, and all that stuff). Then it moves from there to look at how that impacted the nature of life on Earth and eventually getting to humans (I’m not there yet, the author is still working his way through the Big Bang).

BTW, the book I just finished before starting the current one was one I would recommend to anyone interested in the Battle of Gettysburg, Gettysburg: The Last Invasion, by Allen Guelzo.

In any event, a few days Ellen was talking about an author (Ellen talks about author’s and books a lot, take a glance at Ellen’s Blog) who was from Australia which she referred to as “down under”.

I wondered at that moment what if we had it wrong. What if WE were down under, not Australia. I understand that most modern maps were initially created from the perspective from European Privilege’s perspective with Europe ‘up’ (here is a European map which is south up).

The question thus is whether there is some basis to orient the galaxy (or the Universe) in such a way that the north-south orientation of the Earth is south up instead of our current north-up view? After much searching on the Internet (actually about three searches over 60-90 seconds) I found a few south-up maps but no basis for making a definitive judgment. If anyone can point me to articles which might answer this question, it would be appreciated.

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